Blue Skies Are Here Again – Sprint to the Finish Update (D322)

The 75-DAY SPRINT TO THE FINISH has become a mere 6 weeks so I thought I’d give you an update.

If you’ll remember, the sprint to the finish is my way of ending strong, literally. I didn’t want to end what has been an incredible year photographically, to the detriment of my overall health and strength. So I committed to losing weight and getting back in shape.

Specifically, I committed to losing 30 pounds in ten weeks. That is a bit ambitious, I’m realizing. Honestly, even if I don’t make that exact poundage goal, if I come anywhere close and also fulfill my goal of building my strength and health, I’ll be happy.

So, update time…

I’ve lost 10.5 pounds in 4 weeks!

Thus the reason for the image and title of today’s article. I’m thrilled and it really does feel like blue skies are here again. Health wise I’ve been getting to bed earlier, not necessarily falling asleep faster but at least trying. I’ve been getting up earlier, with more energy and being more active. I workout at least 5 times a week for at least an hour or more. I’m a bit behind on my weight goal, but like I said, that’s okay with me when I see progress and all the other benefits.

So how are you doing with your SPRINT TO THE FINISH GOALS? I wanna hear about it!

Technical Knowledge: Watched David duChemin critique videos on YouTube. Getting geared up for my photo weekend in Seattle for the Vision Driven Photography workshop. Are you signed up to watch it for free?

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  • dijea

    Congratulations on the 10lbs. Excellent work. I unfortunately have not lost 10lbs, but I'm keeping active and that's half the battle. I'm more worried about health than numbers anyway.

    Keep up the good work!

    • tasra

      That is fantastic and I agree that numbers focus only can lead you down
      unhealthy pathways so sounds like you're doing well. Keep it up. I'm so
      amazed at how much of a difference being intentionally active makes on my
      energy levels.

  • Sandra Marek

    Congratulation you've done an awesome job keeping up with your personal challenge. You are an inspiration. I'm eating better and working out but getting to bed at a decent time is a very big challenge.

    • tasra

      Thanks Sandra! I did pretty well while traveling… better than I've ever
      done while on a trip so I'm pleased with that. We'll see how it shows up in
      the numbers when I get home.

  • Pamrauber

    Great attitude! Without a doubt, weight loss is a lifestyle change. It isin't easy. Keep it up. Try to stay focused while out in Seattle but also understand conditions have changed. Enjoy the weekend and resume your lifestyle change when you return home. I'll be watching some of the programming in between two photo workshops I'm participating in. Congrats on winning a seat.

    • tasra

      Thanks for the encouragement. I did stay focused while in Seattle, but gave
      myself freedom to veer a bit. I didn't succumb to decadent chocolate and
      raspberry cake though so that was a major victory!

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