Becoming a VisionMonger (D311)

UPDATE: The final video is done! Make sure to read to the end and watch it!

We filmed a short video today with the Teen Identity girls and yours truly as an application for David duChemin’s Vision Driven Photography workshop happening this month in Seattle. David and the Creative Live team are selecting 6 photographers to join them for the workshop live. It’s similar to the lighting workshop Zack Arias gave a few weeks ago that I raved about for days.

Seeing as how Seattle is one of my favorite places on Earth (being born there and all gives it an unfair advantage), and the fact that I graduated from the U-dub (University of Washington) makes it a perfect destination. It was also while teaching in Lynnwood, WA and getting my masters degree in Education at Antioch University that my heart and passion for helping teen girls was ignited. My masters thesis was “Girls Team Up: Helping Girls Maneuver Adolescence.”

Since then, Teen Identity has emerged fusing my love for photography and my vision for helping teen girls find their voice and embrace their value. All that to say, we shot a 1-minute video today to apply for one of those six spots in David’s workshop. I would be over the moon to be able to sit at his feet and learn more about how to take my vision to the next level with Teen Identity. Especially after listening to his TWIP interview and then reading his book, VisionMongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography, I know there is so much I could learn from his experience and approach to photography as a career and a passion. Blending the world of making a life and a living is an area I could definitely use some insight and direction.

The venerable Ron Dawson is generously working on editing the video as I write. It should be ready for prime time before the end of the night. Until then, you can see a self portrait I shot after the video shoot was done. Since I’d already done my makeup and hair, I figured I might as well make use of it and get a new self portrait.

Today was Theme Thursday and the theme was ENERGY. I figure this image fits that theme since it took a lot of energy to plan and execute the shoot… not to mention the energy it takes to change the world!