Zack Arias Rocks the Photo World at Creative Live (D285)

Zack Arias and Creative Live are making news and changing the face of photography education. Two days into the 3-day FREE online training workshop, there are rumors that over 20,000 photographers have tuned in to the broadcast.

Tweets and comments from photographers across the world are saying that the workshop so far has been better than their 6 years of college courses, night classes, and other training. Other photographers are over the moon that Zack has shown them tricks and tips sure to save them years of learning in the future.

He’s covered everything from photo basics of aperture and shutter speed to how to pose male band members. Some of the information, like how to shoot on white seamless background, is already written on his blog… seeing it come to life in a live shoot is another thing entirely. Photographers being the visual learners that most are, this is critical training.

I’ve been inspired, along with countless others, to give it a go on the breaks. Below are a couple quick shots I took after Zack demonstrated clamshell lighting with the beauty dish. I don’t have a beauty dish, but I do have a softbox and reflector so I used the same setup. Was happy to have a couple “models” willing to sit and let me test out the settings.

As much as I love the bright white background, I also love the density and texture of a darker background as well. The versatility that can be created with the same background is pretty amazing. There is one more day tomorrow so it’ll be interesting to see what else gets covered.

It seems like a democratization of training and education is taking place in so many industries, including photography and video.

What do you think about it all?

Technical knowledge and images: That was easy… more than 8 hours of training and images online via Creative Live and Zack Arias.