Zack Arias Inspired Studio Lighting Photo Shoot (D286)

Inspired and refreshed after 20 hours of online viewing of Creative Live workshop taught by Atlanta based photographer Zack Arias. While watching, I pulled out all of my lights and light modifiers so I could set up a mini shoot based on his suggestions and tips.

Yesterday I was fortunate to grab two “models” for the practice sessions… today I had to improvise. I’m not sure how Zack will feel about the fact that he inspired a shoot with a doll, but you work with what you got.

This is shot on a white seamless background with one light just to the right and above the “model.” No lights on the background so that it goes dark and almost black in some of the shots.

These shots aren’t that different from the straight out of the camera shot. I simply increased blacks a tad and did auto white balance for each of them. I really wanted to get it right in camera like Zack continued to preach throughout the online workshop. I did not run any actions or presets on any of the images. Stay tuned to Zack’s blog for images and explanations from the training coming soon.

What about you? Did you watch the training? If so, what did you learn from it? If not, where do you learn new lighting tips and tricks?

  • Judy

    Very nice light. I love the top one.

    • tasra

      My favorite one too! :-)

  • karenjohnson

    These are beautiful shots and I'm so excited to practice what Zack taught. I don't have much in the way of lighting gear but he did say that “The less you have in your kit, the less you have to worry about.” I think he would be ok with a doll model, after all he did suggest if you don't have a model, use your vacuum cleaner!

    • tasra

      Did he really say that about the vacuum? I don't know how I missed it. You're right that he kept stressing you didn't have to have all that equipment…. work with what you got!