Photo Series: Voices of the Victims

Injustice is an attack on God’s children.
If we do nothing, we stand with the oppressor.

Two months ago, we rallied around Street Grace to donate $100 to this organization fighting sex trafficking and child exploitation in the metro Atlanta area. Thank you to those of you who participated and helped us make it happen.

Last month, I shot a photo series representing the voices of the victims caught in this life not of their choosing. The series is being displayed at the Street Grace citywide event June 4th from 5 – 9 pm. It’s an evening of education, awareness and engagement… if you’re in the area, you won’t want to miss it.

Before the photo shoot, the Teen Identity team and models watched a trailer of the documentary Playground, so they would have a better understanding of what is happening in their own city. Then each girl chose her own statement and made her own sign to represent the voices of the victims trapped in this tragic life. Below are just two of the images in the series… I’ll post 2 new ones each day and hope they touch your heart and maybe even move you to action.

Take action now by getting involved at Street Grace. We are also creating partnerships with organizations to find opportunities for photographers who want to make a difference by sharing their talents. You can sign up to learn more at Over 300 photographers across the nation have already joined the list… we’d love to have you join us too.