“It ought to begin by being personal.” (D288)

Two points to anyone who can identify the movie and scene that quote comes from. Hint… it’s spoken by one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite movies.

The point is that so many things in our lives aren’t personal. We’re becoming numbers to our banks and grocery stores, followers to people on Twitter, and subscribers on people’s blogs. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of everyone else, when what we really crave is to be noticed, to be seen, to be different, to stand out.

Are you noticing others? Are you making it personal and helping them get seen? I know I could do better, but I try to offer a place for photographers to get seen on Twitter Tuesday. The #tasra365 hashtag on Twitter helps people connect and stand out among a small and active group. And I’m always open to other ideas for how to make things more personal.

For Teen Identity, my photography company, I strive to make each photo shoot and interaction with the teen girls make them feel special and noticed. I was thrilled when one of the new models wrote me a note saying that was exactly how she felt.

One company I recently connected with is Pandora’s Pantry and they help their customers feel special by customizing their packaging. I was excited when they asked if they could customize one for me…

Why not brainstorm today for some ways to help your customers, clients, friends, and family feel special, noticed, different? You’ll notice that in the process, you feel better too!

Technical Knowledge and Images: Still reviewing my notes from Zack Arias Creative Live seminar. Had about 10 pages of written notes, as well as screenshots to review. Practicing with one light setup as well.

  • FionaEB

    It's the messaging scenes sequence from You've Got Mail.

  • Judy

    Also my favorite movie and actress. Especially when she's with Tom Hanks. I can't even count how many times I've watched it. So, what's my 2 points worth? ;-)

    That's tea is pretty cool.