Eco-Friendly Summer Entertainment (D291)

So I’m not a green freak or organic junkie, and I’ve never been accused of being a granola girl… but I do hail from the Pacific Northwest and think taking care of the world we’ve been given is pretty important.

Today I let my kids help preserve the planet by painting… well, maybe not by just painting, but by painting with eco-green acrylic paints instead of the non-earth-friendly kind. I didn’t even know they made real acrylic paints that weren’t highly toxic. One huge bonus was that I didn’t freak out when my son and daughter wanted to finger paint with them OR when they inevitably landed on my son’s cheek during aforementioned painting session.

Even better, they wiped off my kitchen table without leaving a stain or mark. That’s more than can be said for the fork points I have left in my table. But I digress.

Today’s painting was brought to you by Eco Green Crafts. It’s a new company I discovered through my shop on OpenSky. Eco Green Crafts sent me a great box of paints to sample and a fun art board book for the kids to fill up with summer treasures. Oh, the lazy days of summer. So fun to find ways to spend the time challenging the kids creatively.

What are you doing to stretch your creative muscles this summer?