With Every Mountain Top Comes A Valley (D259)

I’m a little slow sometimes. Why is it that I always seem to forget this basic principle of life, that every mountain top experience is followed by a valley. Those valleys are directly proportionate to the height of the mountain top.

Maybe it’s kind of like Flash Forward (if you’re watching that show), people try to change their fate but “the universe” always course corrects to get the people back on the right track. There always has to be balance and counterbalance.

I heard the wildly popular author Ted Dekker speak once about how if we want to show true light, we have to paint with a very dark brush. The contrast between light and dark is critical. Paint with a light grey brush and the white doesn’t seem as bright. Paint with a pitch black brush and the white seems so bright it might even hurt your eyes.


Saturday I hosted our first Teen Identity Extravaganza and we celebrated the teen models and our team.

Four girls stood up in front of the crowd and shared about what an impact Teen Identity has already had on their lives, how they feel about themselves, and the new view they have now when they look in the mirror.

That’s no small victory.

Sunday I wrote about the most fulfilling photo shoot of my career creating a photo series of images to support the joint efforts of Street Grace and 12Stone Church to stop trafficking of young girls in Atlanta.

Monday the valley came and hit hard. That’s why this post is going live today and not yesterday.

How do you get through the valleys?

Can you see them coming?

Technical Knowledge and Images: Watched Escalate Live to learn and look at images from Dane Sanders, Becker, Jasmine Star, and Julianne Kost.