Tools for Teen Action Planning (D246)

Although I’ve been working with teen girls for years, I still find myself learning new tools and strategies for bringing our ideas to life. Today was no exception.

We’ve got a Teen Identity Model Extravaganza in less than 2 weeks, which means we’ve got to stay organized and make sure everyone knows what they’re doing and when. We’ve also got a photo shoot for Street Grace and the filming of a PSA. Add to that, pre-planning we’re doing for the Suwanee Festival of Books teen section.

Sharing inspiring songs to play at the Teen Identity Extravaganza.

Here are the three strategies I’m using to keep us all on track:

  1. Detailed Agenda: numbers, bullet points and space to add names of who is responsible for each project.
  2. Action Notes: each girl received a pen and a brightly colored polka dot note to write down her action items.
  3. Action Declaration: before we closed the meeting, each girl read her list out loud to make sure nothing was forgotten.

One of the best parts of the meeting today was hearing how each girl recorded the action, i.e. Tuesday = chocolate and cookies. Now that is a fun action item if I’ve ever heard one! I’m hopeful that we will stay on track and be prepared for each of our commitments so we can reduce stress and enjoy the process.

Quick photo opp of one of the girls who got her arm stuck in the Pringles can!

These meeting ideas were inspired by my reading of Scott Belsky’s new book release, Making Ideas Happen. The premise of the book is that creative professionals need less inspiration and more action. By focusing on and having a bias toward action, we begin the process of bringing our ideas to life instead of just dreaming, talking and brainstorming about them.

How do you keep track of commitments and responsibilities to make sure action happens?

I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

Technical Knowledge and Images: Canon 5D manual and images by tasra365 photogs on Twitter Tuesday.