Feeling Anything but Bubbly (D247)

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping… out of my hands.
Have to keep reminding myself to breathe… in, out.
Ever feel that way?

-tweet of the day-

Yep, that about sums it up. Took a few pics of my wall of sticky notes staring back at me right now… each one holding an important task that must be completed. That was too depressing to share.

So I shot some bubbles, ironic since I’m feeling anything but bubbly right now. Funny how much response I received after the above tweet… seems people are feeling overwhelmed, weighed down, and stressed. Is it something in the air? I’m thinking for me it’s probably as simple as not enough sleep (3 am bedtime isn’t working for me) and not eating consistently.

What is causing this increase in the feelings of overwhelm for so many people… I’d like to know!

I’m posting this and remembering that every image and post doesn’t have to move mountains… as long as they get the job done!

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  • dijea

    The bubbles are awesome though.

    • http://tasra365.com tasra

      Well, thank you, they are definitely better than the sticky notes!

  • http://greyhoundgardensphoto.blogspot.com/ Terri Jacobson

    Very timely, tonight is one of those. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

    • http://tasra365.com tasra

      Seems many of us were having the same sort of night… something in the air. Hope things are looking up for you now!

  • MsJeni

    I was just asking my boyfriend yesterday what he liked so much about me, his reply was “you're in your own world of sunshine and flowers”. No wonder everything is so shocking when it doesn't fit into that category! :)
    Yesterday was a nice day, then it downpoured…I LOVED it! To smell the fresh air! Sometimes rainy days are necessary to clear the air…in life. :)

    • http://tasra365.com tasra

      Your own world of sunshine and flowers… that's fabulous. How about bringing some of that sunshine to the rest of us. :-) I must say though, I do love a good rain and the way it clears the air. Great analogy!

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