Create Space (D271)

In your home.

In your schedule.

In your workspace.

Without it, you’ll miss the abundance, creativity, and life that surrounds you each and every day.

Image specs: Nikon D50, 50 mm lens, 1/125 sec at f/1.8, ISO 200. One video light. Processed in Adobe Lightroom with Matt’s Summer Haze 2 preset (Gavin Seim) and Old is New Again (Kubota), plus some local adjustments.

Technical Knowledge and images: Camera manual page 72, mirror lock up. Images in tasra365 Flickr gallery.

  • Klaus

    what is this?

    • tasra

      Blue beads in a blue glass mug with a blue stone that has “CREATE” etched in it. I shot with a video light which is causing the gold light to reflect off the glass on the rim and create the circle of light. I processed to take out some of the blue and add a more gold tone.