The Last Shot: A New Atlanta Senior Portrait Tradition (D237)

Ever have a creative moment when you’re in the zone, everything is clicking… camera, subjects, weather, locations?

Today was one of those days.

After back to back senior model photo shoots for the last three weeks, I wondered what today would hold. With five of our Teen Identity models and team, I knew I had the subjects I needed. And we had fashion from Christa-Taylor and C28, so style was covered. One of our models is a genius with hair and makeup, so that was set.

So we set our sights high and decided to center the photo shoot around the theme…


In every group shot, we looked for ways to make someone stand out. It’s all part of the Teen Identity creed to be bold and beautiful by being yourself.

The girls did a fabulous job. But after four hours of hair, makeup, and shooting, the silliness and giggles began to take over.

So, this was the last shot of the day…

Totally silly. Totally free. And a new tradition is born.

What traditions have you incorporated into your shoots?

  • Judy Knesel

    I instigated this same thing once. Seven of us were having a team photo taken and in the last shot, I squeezed every together and we went nuts. That was so much fun. This shot is really great. A nice reminder for them as to the fun they had during this.

    • tasra

      Sounds like a blast!

  • simplykuni

    Makes me smile when I look at this image! I can feel the fun! Backdrop matches the clothing style. Good choice. I'd like to start shooting more people/models too. Now I just need to find willing subjects. :)

    • tasra

      We had actually called it a wrap but then walked by this graffiti garage door on the way to the car… I looked at the girls and said, “Are you too tired?” They all smiled and ran to the door… just that meant no. They immediately jumped into all these crazy poses… it was amazing. So if you need models… you really can't miss with teen girls… capture their true beauty and it's a win-win for everyone!

  • Jo Garrett

    great expressions, they clearly had a fun time doing this

    • tasra

      Thanks Jo! I certainly hope they're having fun… I would've loved doing something like this when I was in high school!

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