Simple Lighting Secrets for Less (D233)

When I started my photography challenge 233 days ago, I knew I wanted to focus on unlocking the lighting secrets of master photographers. I’ve discovered that lighting doesn’t have to be a mystery… or break the bank. With the right knowledge and tools, anyone can master good (if not great) lighting.

Read on to find out about the lighting kit deal I was able to negotiate for YOU.

Here are some simple lighting secrets:

  1. Study the experts: Zack Arias, Joe McNally, Scott Kelby, Zack & Jody Gray
  2. Know your camera: read your manual and master what your camera can do
  3. Get the right equipment: lighting kits, reflectors, strobes, flashes

Study the Experts: you can do that with zero to minimal cost. Sure, if you want to attend a seminar or workshop there is an expense, but you can find an abundance of lighting technique and ideas online for free. Start with the experts above.

Know Your Camera: every camera comes with a manual… free. You just have to invest the time and energy to read it!

Get the Right Equipment: we all start somewhere, with our first point and shoot up to a complete lighting and background kit. Somewhere in between we add piece by piece to our arsenal of tools that increases our ability to produce better images.

Last week I introduced you to my lighting solution for compelling blog, etsy, and ebay images… the portable lighting studio. I also promised to negotiate a good deal for you… and now I have…

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Below is the latest image I took using my portable lighting studio… two lights shining through white diffuser panels to give soft even lighting perfect for product shots. You can see the actual product shot images on yesterday’s article: Never Underestimate the Power of Words.

Technical Knowledge & Images: Watched two documentaries about Sally Mann, her technique and images.