Move One Step Closer to Creative Action (D229)

Stick with me on this one…

Question #1: What is a wheel created for?

Short Answer: to roll, revolve, move around

Long Answer:

  • a circular device that is capable of facilitating movement
  • A wheel, together with an axle overcomes friction by facilitating motion
  • In order for wheels to rotate, a moment needs to be applied to the wheel about its axis, either by way of gravity, or by application of another external force.

Question #2: What were you created for?

Short Answer: to make art, produce generosity and expose creativity

Long Answer:

  • ART: You are CAPABLE of facilitating movement and change in yourself and others. You are not stuck in the ground like the wheel above. You do not have mental blocks. You are not limited.
  • GENEROSITY: You, along with a community of others, OVERCOME obstacles and friction by assisting the forward motion of others. Like the quote from The Incredibles… “It’s NOT about YOU.” It’s about US.
  • CREATIVITY: In order for you to expose creativity, you must be willing to TAKE ACTION when external forces give you a nudge… whether it’s attending a workshop, listening to a webinar, or reading a blog. Don’t let those moments pass without moving one step closer to your truly capable, generous, creative self.

What do you think? What steps are you going to take today?

Technical Knowledge & Images: Studied lighting setup, technique and images from Scott Kelby.

  • Terri Jacobson

    Oh Tasra, you are so good for me. Every day I long to break out on my own and do freelance.

    I'll be bookmarking this post for sure.

    • tasra

      Well thank you my friend… I'm so glad you feel that way. As for breaking out on your own, one step closer every day will get you there!

  • Nikole Hahn

    Amen! I don't know why people are more like the wheel stuck in the mud rather than the gravity pushing the wheel. God did not make us to stay where we are, but to transform more into His image every day.

    • tasra

      Well said! Here's to keeping our wheels out of the mud!

  • Debbie Lattuga

    I think this world de-programs our inborn creativity. Academics are valued, and creativity has been pushed aside. Just read an article that proves children exposed to art and music at a young age read earlier than their peers. Cool, huh?

    • tasra

      You're right… in Linchpin Seth Godin actually covers that a bit… talking about what the schools actually do teach. Makes me glad I'm homeschooling our daughter.