Twitter Tuesday Featuring YOU! (2/9)

1 I really can’t believe how quickly one week fades into another. Seems like I was just posting Twitter Tuesday and here it is again! So fun each week to see who is still working to improve their photography 300% in one year and post about it on twitter.

We’re getting close to 400 photographers who have signed up for tasra365. I’d love to see it reach beyond that as we continue to focus on our creativity and develop the discipline necessary to take our art further than we may have even imagined!

Would LOVE for you to take a minute to visit the following photogs working out their craft and sharing their heart every day in images! If you’d like to be added to the list, just leave a comment below.

_mg_5354_normal kylelauritzen Day 141: Banana Bread and Milk

Twitterprofilephoto_normal gergtreble Day 40: Wall Code

Butcher_row_e14_normal ProphecyBlur Day 75: When You Say Nothing At All (

Da_normal _iDavid Day 154 – Pac Choi – Last day of my mini vegtable series

Twitterpic2_normal Techy_Girl Day 39 and 40 photos now posted

Mrrrgh_normal onetake how many ways can you say…13/365

3632142973_1a805db092_o__1__normal Michellebondy Day 18/365

Michelle_blue_normal mytwoseasons Day 40 of Project 365. Yay for day 40!

Howling_wolves_144_144_normal howlingwolves Day 110:- Snow tread

Kentwitter_normal kenworley Day 123: Circular Blade, part of the 365 Challenge, is up

Ajw_2009_normal AlisaWhitley Day40 photo posted on the blog. I was surprised….

15845_214009587180_712827180_3689465_4855751_n_normal npbradshaw Day 150 (a bridge over water):

3day_logo_walker_normal nowpencan 40/365: Snowy Day

Blender_normal greygirl25 Day 40 – VooDoo Donuts

Priti_manga_normal pitli27 Nature gave vs Man made – Walnut

20090702_contemplating_0220_normal bbui Finally caught up on posting my #project365 images:

Kevin3_normal kvoth Just Posted: D161: Drums #tasra365 #photog #project365 #dailyphoto

Ingrid-1-2_normal ingridew Today’s Photo Bad to da bone #photography #tasra365 #project365

Img_9259_edited-1_normal SimplyKuni TwitterTuesday, D40: Missing

6300_721011500107_9601193_41174076_4420539_n_normal Brian_e_Palmer Day 150, Abstract shapes from common household items.

Rcd_3180sm_normal robertdonovan Day 32 of 365: Eneman loves you

Img_9208_normalkc9cgj Project 365 post for Tuesday: Day 157/365 “Reflections”

Me_normal datkins Been a few days since I linke to my #tasra365 challenge. Check out my photos at

Sueandi_normal Beaneyman Day 16 Splash !

NEW! Nancy Brown