“My Cheeks Hurt From Laughing So Hard” (D173)

That’s what I heard today after a photo shoot. I don’t know that there are many other statements from a client or one of my teen models that could make me happier.

I’ve got a senior model meeting tomorrow for my studio, so the Teen Identity team spent some time decorating this afternoon. When we were done, I took a few of the girls outside to shoot a couple candid shots of them holding the new canvas I had printed from their model shoot. They LOVE seeing themselves on the large canvas, so I wanted to capture a shot of them holding it.

At first, they just gave me a regular smile…


Cute girls, cute photo, but I wanted more. So I asked them to try to make the same serious face they did in the canvas print. They looked at the canvas, then each other and started trying to make serious faces… very unsuccessfully. When one of them would get serious, the other two would start giggling uncontrollably. I was laughing pretty hard myself watching them… and that’s when I grabbed this shot.


Such raw emotion and pure joy. As we finished and helped them jump down off the ledge they were sitting on, one of the models put her hand to her cheek and said they hurt from laughing so hard. My heart leapt. What a great gift, that in the midst of a quick photo shoot, they had so much fun it hurt. My job is done. Definitely calling today a success.

Manual: Page 57—Deleting Individual Photographs

Images: Looked at Carnival 2010 images, trick photography with album covers images, and Hollywood Glamour images. Quite the assortment today!