Death to the Dufus Dad—Husband Project Day 3

It’s a little challenging having two projects going at once, so I hope you’re following along okay. I’m on Day 3 of The Husband Project and I’m finding the daily projects easier than I imagined. Seriously, I put off reading this book because I was afraid that my days would be consumed by lengthy, difficult projects and the last thing I want or need is another set of tasks added to my schedule. But it’s not that hard at all!

You’re Da Man
Today’s task is one that I’ve been doing over the last week and even before that… telling my husband that I think he’s da man, the bom-diggity, the bees knee’s, or whatever other phrase you want to use. Today I spent a little more time to create a tangible ode to my amazing husband, told in the way I know best… images and digital scrapbooking.


Being a single mom for 7 years, I promised myself that if/when I got married, I would not be like the married women I knew who were always complaining about their husbands. They’d try to one-up each other with what he didn’t do, how many hours of sports he watched, or the number of items of clothing he left on the ground. Now I’m not saying it’s not frustrating, but pointing out all his “flaws” to one another doesn’t really make you want to go home and make him feel special or loved. And being single and having to do everything myself, it made me even more committed to not fall into that trap.

Death to the Dufus Dad
Turn on almost any show on Primetime or even Disney and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Whether it’s the clueless husband who has to be educated by his wife, or the dufus dad who gets schooled by his tween kids, the view of a dumbed down generation of men is rampant. Don’t let it infiltrate your home and heart!

Let’s remember everything that the husbands and men in our lives juggle. Not to mention that they think differently. If you read through the list of 51 Reasons Real Women Love Their Husbands, you won’t find any dufus dads there. You’ll find real men striving and struggling to be the men they want to be. When their wives remember and reward them for the striving, even amidst failure or setbacks, they’ll be encouraged to keep trying.

Your turn!
How will you celebrate the one you love (and ignore the hours of TV watched, clothes left on the floor, and crumbs in the bed)?

  • kathilipp

    Hey Tasra -
    I have had a crazy travel schedule and have had a hard time getting tome to look at the blogs I love – and I LOVE what you are doing with this. Amazing!

    • tasra

      Thanks Kathi! My husband LOVES what I am doing with this too. :-)

  • tasra

    Thanks Kathi! My husband LOVES what I am doing with this too. :-)