51 Reasons Why Real Women Love Their Husbands

love Okay, take a deep breath, settle in, and get ready for some man-love or maybe it would be more aptly called husband-love. Why should you keep reading? Because it could change your entire perspective—in an instant. Isn’t that worth a few minutes? Nod yes, because you know it’s true. Farmville will be there waiting when you finish reading.

No one needs more added to their to do list, right? Despite that reality, today I announced that I am starting The Husband Project: 21 Days of Loving Your Man—on Purpose and with a Plan. First assignment, appreciate your guy. Say it loud, say it proud, I wanted to know why real women love their men.

Are you ready? Listen in on the love jones these women have for their husbands (yes, love jones is a word, just check the Urban Dictionary). The responses will amaze, uplift, and encourage you… then add your list to the comments!

Amy Lynn Maddy Swoope

Amy Lynn Maddy Swoope 1. He let’s me- be me..(his love) #2.his laughter #3. his faith # 4. that he is a great father #5. his ability to not sweat the small stuff…& after 18years…it does get better.
Thanks for making me be more grateful for him today Tasra. hugs♥
Jayme Jernas Goetz
Jayme Jernas Goetz
1.he cleaned the house this morning before leaving 2.he is a good role model to our kids (works hard, involved in community) 3. he rubs my neck when it hurts really bad. 4. he is proud of me 5. he is fun to be around! Thanks, I am gonna copy these put them on a note and let him know.

Jenean Walker Witherspoon

Jenean Walker Witherspoon Let’s see . . . #1 He loves me even with all my imperfections, #2 He is an awesome dad, #3 He is a patient teacher, #4 He does silly, stupid things to make me laugh all the time, #5 He is a wealth of information. I’m going to follow @Jayme and write him a note today also – Great idea!

Monica Dietrich Frere
Monica Dietrich Frere #1 – he is literally the nicest man I know. #2 – He let’s me be me, even if it drives him crazy at times. #3 – He supports me & my business, even though sometimes I don’t want to hear his constructive criticism. #4 – He’s a Veteran and stands up for his country. #5 – He’s a great traveling partner and knows how to have fun!
GREAT idea – and now on to post on his page!! :o)
Amy Cesarec Anderson

Amy Cesarec Anderson

Wow a list of 5 can be challenging!
1. first and foremost, his love, passion and desire to raise our children to be Christlike!
2.His love for his job! Though at times I feel like he has his priorites all messed up-his love for his job, provides financial statbilty for us. Researching genetics, and seeking out ways to cure people.
3. His love for me. I dont know how he puts up with me sometimes. The fact that if anything ever happened to me, that he would never remarry~He said, I was it for him!
4.His ability to clean! After having three children, I have lost mine, and rather than hiring a maid-he jumps right in and gets it done….
5.He never gives up!
Kacey McGowan Crawford

Kacey McGowan Crawford

Love this Tasra – thank you so much for sharing it.
#1. His heart, which I am convinced has an “as close as you can get to infinite” capacity for love and care for others, especially me.
#2. His active faith, that doesn’t just stay on the pages of scripture or inside the walls of our church but is real and visible and is the driving force in his life
#3. His humor and kidlike spirit – hang around him for 5 minutes and you will know what I am talking about, that is if you can stop laughing long enough…. See More
#4. His passion for all people, here and in other nations. He has such strong relational gifts that help break down barriers, disarm people & help bring about true connection.
#5. His amazing voice – I could listen to him sing forever and never grow weary of that beautiful sound.
Julie Wolfe Paszczykowski

Julie Wolfe PaszczykowskiBrian:

#1. I am grateful for his love of Christ and making Him first in our household. That he is such a Godly man and is not ashamed to show it. (Romans 1:16)
#2. I love him for making me his world and loving me so much even when its not so easy to.
#3. I am grateful for the nine years he served our country in the Navy and then decided it was time to get out to be able to watch our children grow…. See More
#4. I love that when he comes home from work he leaves work AT work, and focuses on his family.
#5. I am grateful that Brian is not only my husband of 20 years, but that he has TRULY been my best friend as well.
AND, (if this counts as #6 I’m sorry!) that he has made me fall in love with him over and over again, just by being BRIAN =)
Corny as it all may sound, this man is ALL THAT and so much more, from the depths of my inner self, I mean it.
Jamie WorleyJamie Worley Oh! Just 5???
1. His servant-hearted attitude, setting a Christ-like example to his family.
2. His passion to learn & the humility to know he will never know it ALL.
3. His love for his family, including the willingness to become a parent to children he did not genetically parent (my daughter/his step-daughter Kathryn, & now our adopted daughter Lindsey)
4. How goofy we often are together. He makes life fun…. See More
5. The big & small ways he shows his love for me, even when I’m a pain in the neck.
Denise Stephenson Schlaman

Denise Stephenson Schlaman

Oh Tasra, I LOVE THIS. Easy, too. 1. His total commitment even when I would have cut and run. 2. His sense of humor. (Hey, he married me!) 3. He loved me BEFORE I lost thirty pounds! 4. His ethics. 5. his ability to make me feel like I am the most talented, wonderful, smart, gorgeous, sexy, important, gifted, woman, wife and mother in the world.
Lisa Martin

Lisa Martin

1-The way without fail he tells his daughters his loves them every time he sees them or talks to them on the phone.
2-He makes me be the best me I can be
3-He’s the hardest working man I know
4-He puts his family above everything
5-He’s not afraid to be himself.
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  • http://www.MistyMiotto.com/ Misty Miotto

    1) The way he loves me unconditionally
    2) The way he is passionate about the things that I am passionate about
    3) The way he's my true best friend
    4) The way he never tells me “no” no matter what it is or how expensive
    5) The way he always stands by me no matter who or what we are up against even a greasy car salesman :0)
    wow there are so many more thanks Tasra!!! Gratitude is great!!

    • http://tasra365.com tasra

      What a fantastic list! And yes, gratitude is amazingly powerful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  • karenjohnson

    Here I go!

    1. He loves Jesus with all his heart.
    2. He makes me coffee and brings it to me.
    3. He's a hard-working man.
    4. He's concerned about the things that concern me.
    5. He's a great father to a great son.

    • http://tasra365.com tasra

      After creating the list, doesn't it make you just want to give him a big hug?!?!

  • Penny_M

    I am grateful that my husband is selfless, extremely hard working, loyal, a kid at heart, and a romantic.

    • http://tasra365.com tasra

      What great qualities – a romantic and a kid at heart while still being loyal and hard working. You're one lucky lady!

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  • Brian Paszczykowski

    Wow! This is incredible. I know men are supposed to be macho and tough and not need to hear these things, but it truly is encouraging and appreciated. As the subject of one of these responses, I appreciate the kind words and responses. It seems so many times the role of father and husband is minimized in society and there are many many good men who are striving to be better ones. Feedback like this will only strengthen that. Men thrive on respect. They are wired that way by God and much is being given here. Thank you for this project.

    • http://tasra365.com tasra

      Welcome Brian! I'm so glad you took the time to read the post and specifically Julie's list of reasons she loves you!

      The role of husband and father can be minimized or seem optional sometimes based on society and media messages we get, but as each woman above and in the comments can attest to, nothing could be further from the truth. I've been inspired by the outpouring of love women have for their husbands… they are just looking for a forum to share it.

      Thank you again for stopping by and offering the male perspective to continue encouraging not only these women, but all of us to keep the gratitude going… our men need it!

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  • http://jenniferwernethphotography.com/ jenn

    hes my best friend

  • dijea

    1. He never refuses to take over with the kids when I get overwhelmed.
    2. He loves me.
    3. He loves our kids.
    4. He makes me LAUGH.
    5. Family is his #1 priority.

  • dijea

    1. He never refuses to take over with the kids when I get overwhelmed.
    2. He loves me.
    3. He loves our kids.
    4. He makes me LAUGH.
    5. Family is his #1 priority.

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  • Anthony

    It was very refreshing for me to read some of these comments. I’m a married man of 9 years and I really go out of my way to please my wife all the time but I don’t get the same thing back from her. Now, I’m not on this site to bash her or anything nor am Ion here to lie. But, our sex life is terrible and it’s been like that for years, I initiate, I try get to try new things, times, places, movies even getaways but she really seems like she isn’t into it. I think about sex all the time with my wife but it seems that she doesn’t think about sex or me or even sex with me anytime. I’m one of those push over men as a matter of fact I’m classified as a Alpha -Male meaning I’m very assertive but not controlling though. I need more sex in my life and I want it from my wife. I cook, clean house, do laundry, maintain the cars, I have a great paying job, so she doesn’t have to keep the house by herself. We are empty- nesters so we can have sex anytime anywhere in the house we want to -but DON’T. I work out so that my body is in good shape, I’m not overweight, i brush my teeth no bad breathe but I still don’t know why my wife won’t try to please me. I’m not in the Guiness book of Records but I’m well endowed and willing to try just about anything sexually with my wife. I’m frustrated, aggrivated, and angry ……why should I feel like this for this long….why isn’t my wife trying to please me consistently?????
    That is my question !!!!!!
    Signed: Very Frustrated

    • rae

      Anthony, how old is your wife? the reason i ask is, if she is anywhere near menopause, it has NOTHING to do with you. my husband and i have been going through something somewhat similiar in part. and if she is near that age, my suggestion would be to definitely educate yourself on menopause and sit down with your wife and talk about it. it will take time but you can survive this period of time. trust me, it will be worth the wait. and dont do something stupid like my husband did.