Twitter Tuesday Featuring tasra365 Tweeps (1/26)

3 What a fantastic list of amazing photographers we have this week. Congrats to every one of them for making it another week! And a special welcome to those who’ve just joined us on the journey! We’ve got over 350 photographers who have signed up for tasra365 and I’m thrilled to see how we all improve our photography 300% this year!

Would LOVE for you to take a minute to visit the following photogs working out their craft and sharing their heart every day in images! If you’d like to be added to the list, just leave a comment below.

  1. kvoth Just Posted: D148: Tipsy
  2. @dijea: Day 96: Ouch
  3. @mkh_photo: Project 365 post from Monday: Day 142 “Snowy Gales”
  4. greygirl25 Day 26 – Yesterday’s Hydrangea

  5. datkins Day 1
  6. kenworley Day 109: Pink Thunderbird, part of the 365 Challenge, is up
  7. @AlisaWhitley: Day 26 photos on the blog.
  8. ingridew Today’s Photo Blue Skies and Windmills
  9. SimplyKuni D26: Candy Cane Goodness
  10. Brian_e_Palmer Day 136, So much music so little time.
  11. onetake Clock plate 1/365
  12. @mkh_photo: Project 365 post from Monday: Day 142 “Snowy Gales”
  13. @npbradshaw: Day 137: Inside My Journal, Day Four.
  14. vidco I’m back! Day 105 only took me 25 days to post. Don’t ask.
  15. ProphecyBlur Day 61: Cleaning the Winter Garden (
  16. KKVille Day 127 Photo: A walk in the wind.
  17. _iDavid Day 140 Last day with shells for now and I found a different one in the bottom of the box

  18. Beaneyman I’m starting project 365 heres day 1
  19. @gergtreble Day 26: Come With Me