Shooting on the Edge – A Teen Identity Photo Shoot (D145)

Today’s word of the day was… EDGY. Our home and studio were temporarily taken over by teen girls in preparation for our first Teen Identity Models photo shoot of 2010. The bedroom exploded in clothes and there was a full-on salon happening with hair, makeup, nails, and stylists getting everyone ready.


We’re preparing to launch our new model program for 2011 Seniors and are so excited about what we’ve got in store for upcoming seniors and all teen girls. So, we thought we’d try out a few new and fun things, get the models ready and shoot a bit on the edge.

tasra365-edgy-3 Today we did individual photo shoots in studio with white seamless background. I had two Westcott lights from their Photo Basics line on the background and one soft box to the left side of the girls. Obviously we adjusted the lights as we switched models and poses, but that was the basic setup. After the studio shots, we had some pizza, then decided to brave the outdoors and head to the park for some fun group shots. We had plans for a few different poses, but due to the extremely cold Atlanta winter weather, we decided to just grab a few shots, have some fun, and head back indoors.

tasra365-edgy-group Today was a banner day for me. I absolutely love doing photo shoots like these. To top it off, when I got home and checked my twitter account and tasra365 challenge photographers list, I saw that it had increased by nearly 100 photographers! When I see increases like that, the first place I check is my good friend Scott Bourne‘s twitter feed… yep, this is what he said about the challenge:

I’m very proud of the nearly 250 #photogs who have joined Tasra in the challenge I gave her to improve her photography

I’m so proud of them too… that means you! If you’re new to the challenge, welcome! Make sure to say hi, sign up and get listed on the tweeps page. We’re happy to have you here and know that you will start improving your photography right away! Enjoy the journey!

Manual: Page 23—Using the Remote

Images: Looked through Glamour, Seventeen, and Elle today for image inspiration for the photo shoot.