Project Smoke: The Series Continues (D141)

You’d think that photographing the same subject for days on end would get boring or old, but as it stands right now, I’m more excited about photographing smoke trails now than I was when I started. The reason is that there are so many variables that can be introduced and manipulated… it keeps it fresh and fun.

Today’s set up was more detailed than the last. Seems I keep introducing new elements in each shoot. Today it was a different light set up underneath the incense, as well as a larger black background. I used the same video light to shine on the smoke trails, but had it set up so that it didn’t need to be held by an assistant. This led to much better lighting and better captures for today’s smoke trail images.

Make sure to click on the images to see the amazing detail and let me know what you think!

Manual: Page 19—Digital Vari-Programs.

Images: Looked at smoke trail images at Red Bubble which really inspired me to take my shots to the next level.

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