How to Get Killer Street Shot Photographs (D137)

Everyone wants to take killer street shots. Grabbing images on the fly. Capturing people you don’t know going about their day. Freezing moments in everyday life. Photojournalistic. Creative. Fun.

The video below is sure to give you some tips and ideas. It certainly inspired me and I only discovered the photographer, Joe Wigfall, this week through my husband since Joe is a future guest on F-Stop Beyond. Can’t wait to hear the interview.

In the meantime, check out his video and just below the video you can see my shots inspired by this idea (all my shots were taken without looking through the viewfinder – mostly at hip or waist level). They may not be “street” shots, but late on a Friday night, “mall” shots were the closest I could get. Some are pretty funny: guy caught yawning, typical teen girls, young couple in love, cop on cell, polka dot pajama pants, and lots of laughter. Something for everyone! You can see the full images by clicking on each one.

Manual: Setting autofocus.

Images: Had an amazing phone call with the breakout success duo, Scott and Adina Hayne today so I spent a lot of time looking at their images on their site and blog. Scott even has a No Rules Workshop and killer sets of textures for images and presets for Lightroom.