Fool-Proof Strategies for Creating Stellar Images (D127)

Here’s the strategy…it’s quite simple really. Anyone can do it if they want to. Yes, even you.

Just get together 15 of the most gorgeous teens across the country, have a stylist put together their outfits from head to toe. Then, hire professional makeup artists and hairdressers to take care of their “look” and make sure it matches the stylists’ outfits. Make sure you are in a idyllic location, beach at sunset, vintage garage with classic Rolls Royce, cute puppy, or classic centuries old hotel. Finally, get the best photographers from across the country to lead the way.

That’s it. It’s a surefire strategy. And do you know that people do this all the time?!? There are workshops, photowalks, events, conferences, etc. where you can be part of one of these shooting events to help you take better images than you may have ever taken in your life. And it’s fun!

I’m exaggerating a bit for comedic effect (not sure it’s working). But, today I did get to go on a shoot with a couple amazing photographers and watch what they did, as well as do a few of my own things. It was a blast! I can’t even come close to posting all my images so I’ll just give you a sneak peek and post more of them later. All of these were created at the SPA conference for senior portrait photographers in Coronado, California.

Manual—Page 5.

Images—Looked at images entered in the print competition at SPA. Amazing work happening all over the place!

Twitter Tuesday—What a great group we’ve got today! Welcome to all the new year newbies! So glad to have you on the tasra365 journey! Make sure to stop by and encourage one another as we head into week 2 of 2010.

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: Monday’s Project 365 post: Day 121 “Sharpen your blades!”