Carry Your Camera Around — An Obligation or Opportunity

“I’m a photographer, I carry a camera around.” —Jay Maisel

So says master photographer Jay Maisel in a candid conversation about photography. His matter-of-fact point about someone who is a photographer always carrying their camera around is refreshing (scroll down to see the interview).

When I first started tasra365 and invited other aspiring and professional photographers to join me, one of the most common objections or complaints was the “inconvenience” of carrying a big camera everywhere.

Really? You’re a photographer or aspiring photographer and it’s inconvenient for you to carry your camera with you? Jay Maisel would be astonished at that mindset. Mr. Maisel, who is recognized as one of the top natural-light color photographers in the world and has been shooting commercially since the mid 1950’s, believes that if you’re a photographer, carrying your camera around is an obligation, it should be a way of life.


© 2007 Photo by Jeff Schewe

For me, I’ll admit it took me a while to get used to that idea, but now throwing my camera in my purse along with my wallet is natural. I keep my smaller lens on so that it’s more portable and just go with it.

Here are a few more choice quotes from his interview. Check them out and then watch and be inspired by the master himself to never leave home without your camera again.

“If I carry a camera around I don’t have to go out shooting, I’m always out shooting.”

“The less equipment you take, the more pictures you take.”

“If I go out and I have no idea what I’m going to shoot, that’s an adventure to me.”

“You just never know what you’re going to find.”