Photo Challenge: Beach Day with Granny

Rws-beach My kids don't have the luxury of Granny living nearby so when they get a beach day with her it's a special treat. I wanted to capture the moments so they could remember during the cold winter months ahead. 

Shot with my Nikon D50 and 24-70 mm lens. I wanted to capture the environment as an establishing shot that would set the mood for the close-ups I knew would follow. I love combining landscape and portrait photography. 

What about you? What are your favorite types of images to capture?

Coming next week, I'll post some digital scrapbook pages I'm creating with images from the day. There are over 300 so it takes some time to go through and pick my favorites!

I have to admit that reviewing all the images is one of my biggest challenges. Once that is done, then comes deciding how to share them. Will they be posted on Flickr, shared on the blog, uploaded to Facebook? Will I create a digital album, a traditional scrapbook, or an original project? Sometimes the unlimited options creates more stress than a single, simple option. Would you agree?

  • Kristine Neeley

    I love combining landscape and portraits too – this picture has an element of mystery that I just love!

  • Dijea

    I’m imagining a mom, slightly jealous, wanting to capture the moment and at the same time give Grandma her moment.
    It inspires emotion for me.