D84: Make Lemonade

It’s a tired cliche I know, but that doesn’t make it any less true. I’m living a perfect example of making lemonade out of lemons right now. We’re on vacation for the first time in years, and I promptly get sick. Sucking on a sour lemon would mean complaining and moaning about it. Making lemonade means enjoying the extra rest and time to catch up on blogs and videos.

Yes, that is my life as I know it right now. In the sick bed all day, drinking down too much lemon water to remember, trying to kill this cough. However, I have been enjoying the peace and quiet. Really enjoying it. If every vacation were just days on end of peace, quiet and rest, I wouldn’t complain.

Today’s shot was interesting. I tried to get some cool shots from my balcony as the sun was setting. Nothing outstanding. Tried a few more of the pool and the light shining on it. Eh. Just okay. I could’ve gone with either one, but something in my gut just wasn’t convinced I was done. So I took a break, went and got some more lemon water and then I saw it. The cut lemons against the yellow painted walls. This would be fun. So that’s the story of my shot.

Specs: Nikon D50, 50 mm lens, flourescent overhead light, 1/80 at f/1.8, ISO 800. Processed in Adobe Lightroom for clarity and sharpness.

Manual: Page 67—Print Set.

Images: Another day of reading and admiring the images in The Photographer’s Eye. Learning a lot about composition and design.