Chasing the Light & Missing My Grandmother (D77)

I needed to get out of the house. It was time for a change of scenery. My pictures were feeling ordinary. I needed to shoot something new, different, un-ordinary.

So I jumped in the car and followed the setting sun as it cast its warm glow across the trees and made even the traffic on a small country road seem mystical. It was the golden hour and I was determined to chase the light until I found something meaningful to shoot.

I pulled into a park and got out. Before I walked too far, I came upon the image above. I don’t even know what they’re called anymore, but I used to. They remind me of my grandmother who passed away earlier this year. She lived out in the hills of Arroyo Grande, California. As a young girl, I would go exploring in the hills and I always came upon these huge plants that looked like feathers to me. I would pick a few and keep them with me the entire trip.

Today’s image reminds me of my grandmother. I didn’t get to say goodbye. I miss her.

Specs: Nikon D50, 1/200 @ f/4, ISO 200, focal length: 34 mm. Process in Lightroom with Presets Heaven—Surreal Moment.

Manual: Page 112—Optional Speedlights

Images: Scott Critiques on Flickr

  • dave365

    I like it a lot. Makes me think of being at the beach as a child.

  • dijea

    I like! I have a thing for the sun through the grass.

  • npbradshaw

    Awesome shot…so quiet.

  • James Berghout

    beautiful shot Tasra. Love it.