D54: Uncovering the Tension

When we interviewed the artist/painter a couple days ago, she talked about her interest in finding the tension in situations and moments that she chooses to paint. Uncovering two opposing objects, ideas, or even people to tell a story.

That tension brings life and richness to what we capture. So today’s image is about the tension between an old tire in the middle of the road leaned up against a beautiful fall tree. Old tires aren’t supposed to be leaning against trees, but there was something captivating about the co-mingling of these objects. That’s what I chose to capture.

Manual: Page 64—Printing Photos One at a Time. Sounds time consuming. Not something I’m likely to undertake.

Images: Viewed images from a handful of Pictage’s photographers. So excited to meet many of them next week in New Orleans for PartnerCon, their yearly conference open to ALL photographers. This will be my first time visiting New Orleans so I’m also thrilled about the photo ops too!

  • http://jamesberghout.com James Berghout

    Okay, when I read the title, I wondered what you meant by tension. Now I understand. I like to make a photograph for the same reason…taking a photo of something that doesn't belong in the scene. I like the way you put it, two opposing objects. I also particularly like that you chose black and white. I think it draws attention to the conflict.

  • kvoth

    I love black and white pictures! Although at first glance I thought it was a picture of snow before I saw the whole thing. :)

  • http://marianna365.com/ Marianna

    I'm really bad at coming up with convincing black-and-white photos, so I can't help fut feel admiration for those who do. And your photo is beautiful, my eyes keep following the tire's shape over and over before moving to the tree…

  • http://dave365.wordpress.com David Wynne

    Really like this image but I feel a bit weird admiring what was obviously someones misfortune though. More tension I guess.