D48: Take a Second Look

At first glance, you might just see two simple leaves. That’s what I saw at first and grabbed this shot inspired by the photographer I mentioned yesterday. However, as I converted to black and white and enhanced the image, I began to study the image, to see beyond the basic.

That’s when I started to notice things…

Details: The veins in the leaves are so intricate and clearly defined, not unlike our fingerprints. I’ll bet no two leaves have the same design. It’s incredible to think about all the leaves in the world with their own signature set of markings.

Flaws: Did you notice the clipped top edge of the leaf of the left or the holes in the leaf on the right? Both have their own flaws, but they are tied together, “married” together, if you will. Not unlike our marriages today, two flawed individuals hanging on to each other and working things out the best we can.

Perspective: The longer I looked at each leaf as an individual, the more I began to see other shapes and images within the leaf. On the left, I began to see the shell of a turtle. The right became a fish, not unlike Dory in Finding Nemo. Take a look, spend some time studying the image and tell me what you start to see.

This simple activity of slowing down, processing what I was seeing (literally and figuratively), and allowing myself to look deeper than the superficial was transforming…for myself and the image. I wonder how often I miss transformation in my life and outlook because I fail to slow down, process, and see beyond the ordinary. I just wonder.

Manual: Page 20—Digital Vari-Programs. Quite a bit of range in the programs and what they do, but I must admit I love the control of manual.

Images: Our fellow 365-er Pat Offord created a new Flickr gallery of nature images he found. They are inspiring. Didn’t even know you could create your own gallery like that. Check it out and while you’re there go ahead and join our group too!

  • http://twitter.com/scottnickell Scott Nickell

    Another winner Tasra. Thanks for your inspiration!

  • http://fstopbrothers.com Ben Riddick

    I always love how black and white images can bring about a completely new look of a photograph and how you notice things that you wouldn't normally notice. Awesome shot once again Tasra =)

  • http://twitter.com/patofford pat offord

    Really great image today Tasra! I see tiki warriors when I look at it :)

  • http://nattysfamily.blogspot.com/ npbradshaw

    Wow…I see Dory too! Beautiful shot. Details are awesome.

  • http://twitter.com/Herculesimages Kern Hercules

    Love this post, black and white a very dear to me. I never thought that each leaf would have its own distinct vein pattern as of a fingerprint,it shows that there is a master designer that is concerned about every thing even the leaves. Flaws: With each having its own flaws,the leaf never seeks out to highlight or expose its fellow leaf flaws but works for the betterment of the whole(the plant,tree ect). How many of us are like that ?.Tasra, thank you sharing.

  • Valena David

    This looks way better on an actual computer than and iphone. Amazing!

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Good to know! I'm sure you can see more detail on the computer.

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Such a great point. I think we do tend to notice other people's flaws, rather than working together to help them overcome or improve. Definitely something worth changing! Good point.

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Yay! Glad I'm not the only one seeing Dory on a leaf. Makes me feel better.

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Wow. Tiki warriors. I'll have to look again to find them. Great eye.

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Thanks Ben. Like I always say, you can't go wrong with black and white. Would love to do a whole series in black and white someday.

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Thanks for staying along for the journey Scott!

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