D40: Economic Insight From a Teen

I was experiencing a bit of post-conference withdrawal. How do I follow the images of a man breaking the world record? Do I even want to?

Pondering this out loud, my daughter (who was folding towels at the time) chimed in and said she’d volunteer to be my photo subject. I asked what she’d do and she said she could scrub the floor. Uh, okay. And why would I want to photograph you scrubbing the floor?

Here’s her response, which was based on an article she read in Time Magazine:

Prior to the current economy, many immigrants were doing jobs Americans considered “beneath” them. But now because of the economy, Americans are stepping in and asking for those jobs out of desperation. They are getting past their pride. Why not take a picture of me scrubbing the floor to illustrate that.

Well, okay then. If getting rid of pride is the only positive outcome of this current economy, I’d say that’s not a bad thing. We all know that often you have to hit rock bottom before you can really experience change or transformation. Maybe this is exactly what America and Americans needed. And if we’re smart and learn our lessons now, our children and grandchildren may not have to experience the same thing. Here’s a salute to the future generation!

Sharpened and converted the original image to sepia tones in Lightroom. Then added Kubota Image Tools action, Enter the Dragon, to rough it up and give it a grungier feel.

Manual: Read page 13—Adjusting Viewfinder Focus. Done.

Images: Viewed winning images from the Energizer 2008 Photo Contest, as well as 6 category winning photos from 2009.

  • blakecorkill

    Great image Tasra. Tells any number of stories all on it's own. Enjoying getting caught up on your posts. Keep up the great work !