D37: Running Fast… but getting nowhere

Ever feel that way?

Today’s wood figure is a classic case of this syndrome. He could run forever and will still never go anywhere. You can’t see it in the images, but he’s tied to a base that keeps him in one place forever.

I feel that way sometimes. Like no matter how fast or how hard I run, I’m just not gaining any ground. It’s frustrating. At times infuriating. Mostly confusing.

What do you do in times like that?

Today’s picture is a collage of 3 images put together in one canvas. Shot with my 50 mm f/1.8 lens, one light, 800 ISO, Nikon D50. Compiled in Photoshop and actionized with Kubota Daily Vitamin.

Tomorrow I head to Catalyst at the Gwinnett Arena in Georgia with 12,000 other people. You may see it trending on Twitter as #cat09. I’m thinking there just might be some sweet photo ops. We shall see.

Manual: Page 32—Image size. Learned something new. If I press the Qual button and Enter at the same time I can adjust the image size without going deep into the menus. Nice.

Images: Thanks to a recommendation from Dave, a fellow 365-er, I checked out images by Brooks Reynolds. A very interesting body of work on his portfolio. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks Dave!

  • brianpalmer

    I have felt like that before. Doing a lot of work, for growth, skill, and overall improvement, but in the end you feel like you haven't made any forward progress. But it takes patience to see the payoff sometimes. Great post Tasra! You're not running in place for one second!

  • http://www.liartphotography.com/ Susan Eckert

    OOh – I really like this image! Way to go! : )
    Susan Eckert