D13: When Pictures Find You

There is such a vast difference between a picture you make and a picture you take. Not saying one is better than the other. They are just vastly different.

Today I was “making” a picture, coming up with an idea for today’s shot when a picture found me. I love those moments. Serendipity steps in and takes a hand.

Sitting on the ground in the living room with my camera shooting into the big bay window, my son came up with my husband’s classic Canon 814 Super 8mm film camera. He saw me shooting and decided he would join me. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that the best shot was sitting right beside me. I turned opposite my son and had him pretend to film me taking pictures. Obviously with the intent to capture him pretending to be a filmmaker.

I’m happy with how the images turned out. Played around with black and white, sepia, and color to see the difference color makes on an image. No other post-processing was done. Which is your favorite?

Manual: Read page 90—Monitor, Meter, Self-Timer, Remote. I keep all of these on the default setting. What about you?

Images: Browsed through images on Photofocus Flickr group again. Such a wide variety of styles and genres.

  • http://fstopbrothers.com Ben Riddick

    What a great shot Tasra. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all! Just listened to you and your husband on TWiP too btw.

  • http://greg.mcmull.in/ Greg McMullin

    Yeah like this a lot! But I'm a hardware geek so I am dwelling on the camera.

  • http://gallow-photo-year.blogspot.com/ Steve Gallow

    I enjoy how you ask a question at the end of you blog. It engages the reader to respond. I need to do that more. I began a similar process to you on May 1, 2009. So far so good. (Although there are days when I really don't care for any of the photos that I have taken.) I've posted a photo that I have taken every day. http://gallow-photo-year.blogspot.com.

    I tend to try and do a picture I take. I'm seeing the world in a new way. Everyday I look at things around me, and look for interesting light, interesting angles, interesting subjects… Some days are easier than others, and many opportunities come along. Other times, I have to make the shot. This usually happens when I haven't found anything interesting to photograph during the day, or the day was very busy and I have to post a photo. An example is (http://gallow-photo-year.blogspot.com/2009/07/w…)

    I've very much enjoyed this process. There is a growing group in my community that is very interested in photography, and what I'm doing. We're going to start a photography group that will meet on a monthly basis. That should be interesting.

    Keep up the great work. I enjoy your style of photography. You're very good at it. I hope that your son enjoyed the moment as well.

  • christypenn

    This is the sweetest post, Tasra! I love that your pic was right there next to you! ADORABLE! I just want to hug him! I have 4 kiddos of my own and I will be seeking them out more often! I would hate to miss an opportunity like this! =)

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Thanks so much Ben! That means a lot to me!

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Thanks Greg! My husband loves this camera too. :-)

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    It's always fun to read your comments Christy. You're so encouraging and full of energy. :-) Look forward to seeing pics of your kiddos show up in the next 360-some days.

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Funny how you picked up on my asking questions at the end of my posts. I have heard that it helps give people something to respond to, but the truth is that I really want to know. As much as I love to write, no one really wants to think their writing is going into some black hole. It's nice to at least pretend others are reading. :-)

    Will take a look at your images. Thanks for sharing the link! Look forward to seeing how you've grown over the last few months as well.

  • http://twitter.com/mitch98000 mitch huang

    OK: I love the blue in the reflection, so definitely the two shots in colour for me. The one you chose is my favourite because of the more interesting angle.
    Keep up the good work! I just posted D162: almost halfway there!

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Congrats on how far you've gone in your own challenge. It's so impressive to hear that anyone has done something consistently for over half a year. Can't wait until I'm there!