D1: Life Mission Statement

life-mission-statement Searching for something to capture with my camera today, I ventured into the garage and found this painted canvas. Our daughter, the ever-evolving artist had painted it earlier in the day and the paint wasn’t even dry yet. What a find! The brown paint bottle she used to craft her “Life Mission Statement” was still open and sitting on the canvas. Reading this mission statement from my daughter the day before she enters high school was inspiring and humbling. What an amazing gift I’ve been given with this child. What a perfect moment to capture with my camera.

MANUAL: Read page 17 in the Nikon D50 manual today on “Focus and Shoot.” Was reminded that I need to slow down in my photography sometimes and remember to check the focus. So often I look through the viewfinder and see what I want to capture. But I don’t wait for that nanosecond before pushing the shutter-release button to ensure I have a crystal clear image. Note to self: slow down and focus. Good point to remember in photography and life!

IMAGES: Browsed through the most recent issue of Rangefinder looking at images for senior and child photography. Always interesting to see what other photographers are doing. Sometimes I love what I see and am inspired. Other times I think I could do something similar. And then there are those times I compare and let it kill my creativity. Those are the moments I dread.

How about you? What moments inspire you? What moments do you dread?

  • http://www.jmphotographyonline.ca Jay McIntyre

    Far too Awesome. I pray that my daughter will grow to craft a similar mission statement. Looking forward to following your journey over the next year.
    Jay – http://www.jmphotographyonline.ca

  • http://www.ottorascon.com Otto Rascon

    Wow, what a life mission statement! Thanks for sharing.

  • http://yoursabbatical.com/angelapetitt/ Angela Petitt

    Nice. This blog inspires me to get serious about my photography!! Love it!

  • http://greg.mcmull.in Greg McMullin

    I have added your RSS feed. What I really want to know is how you will decide what to shoot each day. Will you just capture what is in front of you? Or will you seek out specific shots that you already have in mind?

  • http://www.yellowlightproductions.com Liberty Wright

    “Follow your dreams and the universe will conspire to make them come true” – I can’t remember who said that, but this has been my quote of the day today! I have been so inspired by everyone that I met through SkipSchool! Thanks for making the challenge tangible and available to all of us Tasra!!!

  • Susan Ringler

    Wow!!! Something tells me I won’t find anything this cool in my garage!

  • shannonrice

    This is great. I need something to move me forward and improve my photography. I'm up for the challenge!! Thanks

  • http://twitter.com/beckieGkengle Beckie K

    what a powerful mission statement!!
    I look forward to following you on your journey of bettering your photography, and I hope I'll be able to keep up!

  • http://www.carmen-chan.com/ Carmen Chan

    hi tasra! great start to the challenge. the canvas is inspiring and really speaks to me at this point in time :) thank you. i'm definitely going to hop on the challenge bandwagon. looking forward to seeing what you learn and capture in the next 355 days! :D

  • jonellfranz

    What a fabulous way to document a journey. I look forward to reading, and seeing, more!

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Great photo site Jay. I enjoyed seeing your images and that you've begun to pursue your passion for photography. We are blessed with an amazing daughter. I am sure if your intention is to raise your daughter with a similar mission that you won't hit too far from the target. :-)

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Thanks Otto!

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Yes! Get serious, but don't lose the joy and excitement of an amateur.

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Great question Greg. I'm not sure yet. I think that in general for “normal” days when I don't have anything specific planned or scheduled, I'll just capture what I can find in front of me. But viewing other images, like the American Photobooth book has given me some fun ideas for what to capture tomorrow. So, we'll have to see. Got any ideas for which is the better way?

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Absolutely Liberty! Happy to help keep the inspiration that started at Skip's Summer School alive. It was a great event and sometimes hard to keep the momentum going. I'm hoping this blog can help with that!

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Ah, Susan. Don't underestimate the power of an open eye and creative heart. You never know what you might find. :-)

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    Fantastic! I think we all need something to keep us moving forward and improving. Doesn't matter who you are or how long you've been doing something, there is always something to be learned.

  • http://tasra365.com tasra

    You can keep up Beckie. Set yourself up for success by creating a plan for when and how you'll get each task done every day. That's what I'm going to do… and the primary reason for this blog!

  • http://greg.mcmull.in/ Greg McMullin

    I guess the way I would go about it is to have some idea what I want to capture but also to be on the look out for those fortuitous moments when some thinf magic happens in front of you. Good luck with the 365 I'll be watching with interest.


  • http://twelvelemonsphotography.blogspot.com/ Julie (Twelve Lemons)

    What a find indeed — I love documenting the evolving creative work of my family as well. Great saturation.