Keep Yourself in the Picture: Planning a Personal Photo Shoot

tasra-profile Can you remember the last time you got out from behind the camera and had your picture taken? Do you have any current photos of yourself that you like? Or love?

If you answered no, then it’s time to plan a photo shoot!

Here’s how…

  1. Find someone to be your photographer (friend, spouse, neighbor, family member). You must feel comfortable with this person. If you’d like to use a professional, there are plenty available, but remember that your cost will be higher.
  2. Schedule a day and time where you can focus just on you. Thirty minutes should be your minimum time and it can easily be done in less than an hour.
  3. Do whatever you need to do to feel good about yourself...schedule a haircut for that week, make an appointment to get your makeup done at a local department store, and either do your nails or get them done. It may sound silly but it’s the little things that build confidence.
  4. If you have kids or pets, make sure they are taken care of so you can focus on just you. If you’d like to have some photos with your kids or pets, do that after you are satisfied with the photos taken of you. Remember that you probably have quite a few of the others already!
  5. Let your photographer know what types of photos you’d like: close-up, playful, artistic, posed, serious, sultry, etc. Consider having a second outfit just in case you want to try a few different looks. If you’re not happy with your current weight, consider artistic shots or close-ups that don’t show your full body.
  6. When it’s time to shoot–be confident. This is your time. It may not come around again for a while so take advantage of it. Play up to the camera. Put all those faces and poses you play around with to use. If you don’t like them, you can always delete or toss them, but give it a chance. You might be surprised at what looks good on camera.
  7. After the shoot is over, plan a special night out on the town with your dolled-up look or a special evening at home. Then get those photos developed and add one to your blog or website. Enclose them in cards that you send to friends or family. People love seeing updated photos, especially when they’re of you!

That’s really all there is to it and you’ll have lasting rewards: a little bit of pampering, fun with your photographer, and some photos you can be proud of!

I scheduled my photo shoot last week, including getting my hair, makeup and nails done. What a day of pampering that was! It was well worth it! I felt more confident in front of the camera…fun, playful, energetic. And it shows in the pictures.

Give it a try. You’re worth it!

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  • Faith

    love your blog. I just found it! I’ll be back!

  • Karmyn R

    Great photos!!! Love the black&White aspect of it!

  • Laura Vegas

    i noticed your new photo a few days ago. love it … and love the hat! i’m never in front of the camera … and if i ever am, i’m too busy trying to explain to the person taking the picture how to do it the “right” way! lol!

  • Camy Tang

    Great pictures!

  • flor

    Hi Tasra!
    I love your pictures! They’re fun and you look beautiful as usual! =)

  • tnchick

    Your beautiful. Very nice photos… love the hat and the touch of B&W